A bit of history, and what is medical tourism

Medical tourism as an industry has appeared relatively recently. But, let's recall a little story. Even in ancient times, people went for treatment to different countries, to the south, to resorts, to health resorts. Their services were used by princes, landowners, aristocrats, poets, writers, people from different walks of life.

Today, medical tourism is actively developing in Russia - the provision of medical services outside the region of residence, the combination of recreation with the receipt of highly qualified medical care.
People choose medical facilities and go where there is high technology, qualified doctors, additional services, possibly increased comfort, lower prices. It is no secret that not everyone is ready to wait for the service for free in the allotted time, today there are also such patients who want to receive a range of services quickly, having the opportunity to participate in the selection of a specialist of a higher category.
The branch is being developed separately, providing maximum services on a paid basis: a citizen acts not only as a patient in a particular medical institution, but can also be treated (examined) in several medical institutions on the basis of the “open door” principle, he is also a tourist, visits local attractions, a complex of preventive measures. The emphasis is on full escort and includes services: meeting at the station, escort, transport services, accommodation, meals, medical care "without queues", providing a cultural program.
Family services in various profiles are demanded, with accommodation not only in medical institutions, but also in sanatorium complexes, and accompanying hotels. As they say, there is no limit.

It should be noted that the Republican Cardiac Dispensary accepts residents of Russia both in accordance with the program of state guarantees of free medical care for citizens, and on a paid basis. It is possible to provide services to citizens of other states.